Lion Cubs




Me and my brother was born in December 2005, on a farm near the border of Namibia . One day while out hunting with our mother we unfortunately went into Namibia while tracking prey, because one of the fences was down. Shockingly, hunting cheetahs was still legal in Namibia and we had the bad fortune of wandering onto a hunting farm. We saw people wandering about in the veld, but had no idea that they meant us harm. The next moment I heard two very loud bangs, I was terrified and started running, thinking that my mother and brother was right behind me. After a short while I stopped because I was very tired, but when I looked back my mother and brother was no where to be seen. I walked back carefully and was just in time to see men loading their bodies unto a vehicle in the distance.

I managed to make my way back to the farm, but was so sad and shocked that I couldn't successfully hunt. I would have starved to death if I wasn't found by the very kind farm owner. I was sent to rehabilitation where I fully recovered and stayed until late last year. In October last year 2009 I came to the Daniell Cheetah Breeding Farm.